SoFlo Living as the name suggest is the short name for South Florida Living.

The idea for this name came about because South Florida happens to be one of the Best places to Live in the United States.

We will help Celebrate your Life,why wait to Retire or reach the last years of your Life to Enjoy the best place to Live. Let us help you to make that move NOW.

Here are the reasons why you need to contact NOW.


1. Sunny and 75 degrees

While most counties in the United States are suffering from a polar vortex most of the state “suffers” from year-round amazing temperatures that yield a result of shorts and t-shirts nearly 365 days a year.

2. Unlimited Recreational Activities

Florida’s natural treasures are absolutely breathtaking. From natural springs with hidden underwater caves great for day trip adventures to acres of preserved conservation including the largest subtropical wetland, the Everglades. Florida features thousands of activities for the nature extraordinaire for days spent hiking, biking or bird-watching.

3. The Top Amusement Park Destination

As the country’s top amusement park destination, Central Florida is home to the world’s most famous mouse plus dozens of others iconic characters, marvel superheroes and Lego legends. Besides class-act entertainment, amusement parks represent an entire segment of Florida’s economy creating thousands of career opportunities.

4. Calling All Sports Fanatics

With ten professional sports teams plus dozens of minor league and collegiate teams, Florida is a sports fanatic’s playground. Due in part to year-round pleasant temperatures, many of the country’s top teams call Florida home such as the Tampa Bay Rays, Miami Heat, Florida Panthers, the state’s first MLS team, Orlando City Soccer Lions and Tampa Bay Buccaneers to name a few. MLB teams like the Atlanta Braves, New York Mets, Houston Astros and Boston Red Sox also call Florida home for several weeks during their spring training each year.

5. Cheeseburger in Paradise

Salt life is a state of mind with over 663 miles of beaches along the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico to be enjoyed all year long. With several sandy cities ranking on top beach lists in the world, Florida beaches offer both recreation and relaxation dependent upon personal preferences.

6. Work Hard, Play Hard

The state of Florida is just one of seven states with no state income tax which equates to more money in your pocket. Where some states collect an upwards to 10% in state income tax, Florida is definitely the people’s champ when it comes to keeping more of what you’ve worked hard for in the right place.

7. A Florida State-of-Mind

Combined with the already mentioned non-existent state income tax, living is Florida has an overall less expensive cost of living when compared to other major US states that leads to an overall better quality of life.

8. Welcome Home

An abundance of available new homes across the state to fit any budget or desired lifestyle from front porch and golf course living to conservation vistas and lakeside leisure are a plus for buyers in the market for a new home. Buyers now have more choices when it comes to find their dream home.

We will make your move to South Florida a memorable one.


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