HUMIDITY ENCOURAGES MOLD – Too Much Humidity Encourages Mold Growth and Dust Mites – What are the more common problematic indoor molds?

We recommend use of dehumidifiers and humidity instruments or humidity transmitters to monitor your building. But no dehumidification system will be up to the task of preventing mold if a building has serious leaks, flooding, or water entry. No dehumidifier, no “air cleaner,” no “ozone generator,” nor other magic machine, spray, or air treatment will correct a mold problem in a building if there is a significant problem reservoir.

For that case, what’s needed is to find the mold problem, remove it, and correct its cause. And as a last warning, there are about 1.5 million mold species – some of them may be able to grow in very dry or very wet or other inhospitable conditions.

Mold spores are everywhere all the time, entering from outdoor air as well as on pets and clothing. A mold spore landing on an indoor surface is likely to be insignificant and amount to little more than a common component of indoor dust, until such a mold spore lands on an organic surface (such as drywall) and the indoor humidity level and thus the humidity or moisture level of the surface on which the mold spore rests, is sufficiently high. Since a mold spore requires moisture to propagate and grow, the indoor humidity level is a key gating factor in the control of indoor mold (and dust mites) in buildings.

Certain common mold genera and species, such as some members of the Aspergillus sp. and others grow readily on common building materials if they also have enough moisture. While there are fungal species that are able to grow under a remarkably wide range of environmental conditions, keeping indoor humidity at the appropriate level will reduce the chances of growth of the most common indoor problem molds.

I strongly recommend that everyone do ANNUAL or Bi-Annual mold testing for your home, if you can do an Annual Checkup for your BODY why not one for your home also. This can enable you to solve the root of all your HEALTH issues.


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